Continuously develop sake that will make the world brighter.

Our goal is actively developing new ways of enhancing cuisine and lifestyles. We aim to practice sustainability across all aspects of production and logistics, reducing our impact on the environment. Moreover, we want everyone involved in sake to find fulfillment in their work and enjoy themselves. Just what should the future of sake look like? What should we do to make the world brighter? That question is foremost in our minds as we develop sake.


Bringing sake to the world and enriching people's lives everywhere.

We believe sake has deep untapped potential and value. That is why, while respecting the traditions and culture of sake, we are going beyond established frameworks to present new and innovative ways of enjoying it. Just as wine and whiskey have become staples of the modern meal, we want sake to join the ranks of the world's cuisine and enhance people's culinary lives. Seeking to make that a reality, we are actively raising the profile of sake.


Unparalleled quality from a long-standing, 400 year-old company, paired with innovative aesthetic approaches.

Our brand originated from Fukumitsuya, a long-established business founded in 1625. We bring extensive expertise developed over our 400-year history, as well as deep alliances with local farmers, giving us access to outstanding, high-quality ingredients. Yet we do not content ourselves with our experience alone. We actively incorporate cutting-edge techniques and the latest technology to develop innovative new concepts. There is no tradition without innovation. Stay tuned for the next 400 years of our evolution.


Company Profile

Company Name
F1625 Co., Ltd.

Brand Owner
Taichiro Fukumitsu

2-8-3 Ishibiki, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0935 JAPAN

Date of Establishment
November 1st, 2021

Description of Business
Sale of sake

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